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  • European investment bank refused to participate in the financing of new projects in Ukraine

    The reason – a complication of the political and economic situation.
    The European Investment Bank (EIB ) has not yet involved in financing new projects in Ukraine in connection with the economic and political situation in the country, said the head of the EIB , Werner Hoyer at a press conference in Brussels on Wednesday , February 19.
    “The situation is extremely serious, we express our condolences to the victims of incredible violence. Currently we stopped our activities because it is important to wait for further economic and political development in the country. Now we do not work with future projects , because we need to know what the political situation we can go in the future ” , – quotes RIA Novosti Heuer .
    Ukraine expects to receive from the EIB credit line of 750 million euros to finance the construction of a pumped storage station Kanivska . Oschadbank going to sign an agreement with the EIB credit line in the amount of 200 euros Millin to provide medium-and long-term loans to Ukrainian companies .
    At the end of 2013 Cabinet approved the involvement of the EIB loan in the amount of 55 million euros for the construction of the tunnel Beskydy . 20013 autumn agreement was signed with the EIB to provide 152 million euros to complete the construction of the first subway in Dnipropetrovsk.
    The EIB is also involved in projects to modernize the Ukrainian gas mains.

  • Russia has violated two articles of the Treaty of Friendship with Ukraine

    Ambassador : Russia has violated two articles of the Treaty
    Ukraine may also have a claim to Russia on the basis of Article 13 and Article 3 of the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation , said social activist , Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Ukraine 1st Class Daniel Lubkivskyy .

    According to him, Russia goes through contracts for the supply of military equipment, as well as negotiating with the organization of the Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation to establish a free trade zone , which in turn could harm the economic interests of Ukraine.

    “Eyes refers to Article 13 of the Treaty on Friendship and Cooperation between Ukraine and Russia , which was ratified in 1998 . This article refers to the ” potential economic damage . ” Following this logic , Ukraine could also have claims against Russia , not least because that Russia goes through contracts , say, military equipment , (…) of Turkmen gas , “- said Lubkivskyy .

    “Either Russia is negotiating with the organization of the Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation to establish a free trade zone . We can also say, gentlemen, this is the potential harm to Ukraine ,” – said the diplomat.

    According to him , while in the Russian Federation forget about another article of the contract – Article 3 , where both countries have the sovereign right to determine the destiny, but also – undertake to avoid economic pressure and blackmail.

    Earlier, Russian presidential adviser on regional economic integration Sergei Glazyev said that Ukraine is violating the Treaty of Friendship with Russia , intending to sign an Association Agreement with the EU.

    “According to Article 13 of the Treaty on our friendship with Ukraine , we are committed to bring together our legislation seeks to create a Common Economic Space. The Association Agreement covers this possibility. That is, the Ukrainian leadership violates the basic treaty of friendship with Russia , upon which the whole foundation of our bilateral relations, ” – said the eye.

    Glazyev believes that Ukraine should declare a cease- EU preparation for the signing of the Association Agreement , as it has already initialed the document and can not make changes to it . In such a case, according to the policy are possible trilateral and multilateral consultations . He also noted that according to the norms of the Agreement on the establishment of a free trade zone within the CIS, Ukraine was to announce his decision to the state taking part in it.

  • Assad reiterated the readiness to give up chemical weapons

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on September 12, confirmed that his country was ready to give up chemical weapons and to sign an agreement to ban it. The corresponding statement he made in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”.
    The head of state at the same time stressed that such a decision is not made due to pressure and threats from the United States, but because of the position of Russia on this issue.
    According to him, already in Damascus soon send in UN instruments of accession to an agreement on the prohibition of chemical weapons.
    Moscow has taken the initiative to transfer all Syrian chemical weapons under international control, and then fully close it after the statement of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that such a decision would stop the U.S. bombing of Syria.
    Damascus agreed to go to these conditions, and then in the U.S. Congress indefinitely postponed the vote was about whether a military operation against Syria. President Barack Obama, in a televised address to the nation said that the reserves can see the Russian initiative, but from the military preparations still refuses.

    U.S. threatened military strike Syria after the death of 1,400 Syrians in a chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus. Responsibility for the attack U.S. and other Western countries have entrusted the leadership of Syria, although it denies the use of chemical weapons against his own people.

  • Russia to help Syria in a war with the West

    Vladimir Putin has promised to assist Syria in case of attack from the West. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti , the president said on September 6 at a press conference following the G20 summit in St. Petersburg.

    ” Are we going to help Syria? Will . Now help , we supply weapons, cooperate in the economic sphere , I hope, will be more cooperation in the humanitarian sphere , including in the supply of humanitarian aid ” , – said the head of Russia .

    Putin also asked which country , in his opinion, will be the next victim of foreign intervention . “Even to think that another country will be subjected to some external aggression , do not want ” – gives his answer to “Interfax “.

    At a meeting with reporters after the summit, Putin talked about what countries of G20 support military action in Syria, and which are not . According to him, the war are the United States, Canada, Turkey , Saudi Arabia and France . The opposite position was taken by Russia , Argentina , China , Indonesia , Brazil, Italy , India and South Africa. Thus, the Russian president denied the words of the journalist , who suggested that the proponents and opponents of the war were equally divided .

    In the case of U.S. military intervention , and other countries , according to Putin , put themselves outside the law. “The use of force against a sovereign state is possible only if it is done in self-defense – and the United States, as we know, does not attack Syria ,” – added the President of Russia .

    The operation against the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Western countries began to discuss after the chemical attack , which occurred on August 21. According to the United States, France and other countries , weapons of mass destruction has used the regular army . The Syrian government blamed for his part in the insurgency. To start the operation the U.S. military resolute without the approval of the UN Security Council . They expect only the authorization of the Congress.

  • “He has stolen millions of euros, but will not go to the galleys”

    Higher court confirmed Thursday the sentence of ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in the case of Mediaset, – four years imprisonment. In prison policies are likely to fall again three years forgive him for amnesty, and another – because of old age. Moreover, the Supreme Court ruled that the Court of Appeal of Milan has revised its decision to prohibit Berlusconi hold positions in the civil service for five years.

    The Supreme Court upheld the four-year prison sentence for former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Mediaset in the case
    After a three-day hearing, five judges of the Supreme Court rejected the final appeal by Berlusconi’s verdict on the two by the lower courts in Milan: Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was sentenced to 4 years in the case of Mediaset, the agency ANSA.

    76-year-old Berlusconi and three involved in the case have been found guilty of using corrupt practices on the acquisition of the rights to broadcast the network Mediaset. The company’s management (including those of the “Cavaliere”) is accused of tax evasion by 8 million euros, as well as a distortion of the financial statements. In addition, the former prime minister is accused of embezzling $ 34 million over three years – from July 2002 to November 2005.
    However, Berlusconi in jail, most likely, will not get three years forgive him for amnesty caused by overcrowding in Italian prisons.
    In this case, the remainder of the year due to old age of the convicted person is likely to be replaced by house arrest or corrective labor. Because of bureaucratic delays verdict is unlikely to come into force until the autumn.
    In addition, the Court of Appeal of Milan ordered to reconsider the ban on employment Berlusconi government posts for five years. The state prosecutor this week recommended a reduction in the term of the ban to three years due to conflicts in the relevant law.
    “He has stolen millions of euros, but will not go to the galleys,
    because he was already more than seventy years. Maximum will be under house arrest (in superville, almost like a vacation). In fact, it should be in the power disable at least 10 years. But the judges did not have the courage to give a full sentence too great figure “- written by readers on the website of opposition newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano.
    The Supreme Court is final and not subject to revision.
    Immediately after the verdict in the Supreme Court in Rome’s Palazzo Grazioli gathered all the leadership of the party Berlusconi “People of Freedom”, whose leader Renato Schifani and Renato Brunetta, the party coordinator Denis Verdin and Senator Altero Matteoli.
    “Let’s see who of Ministers” People of Freedom “will leave their posts,” – said the ANSA former party member Guido Krosetto.
    “This is an unjust sentence, imposition of which is unacceptable in the legal country” – said one of the lawyers for Berlusconi Frank Agram.

    Supporters of Berlusconi in Rome rallied in support of it, blocking the movement of cars in several streets.
    Associates of the former prime minister has condemned the verdict.
    “This country was known as the cradle of the law. Now she becomes his tomb, driven bunch of gravediggers in togas, who with the help of the crime want to remove from the political landscape of the democratically elected national leader. I agree with Silvio Berlusconi “- wrote Luca d’Alessandro, secretary of the Commission for Justice of the Chamber of Deputies.
    The main risks of political judgment.
    The court’s decision could trigger a crisis in the fragile coalition that now governs the country. It is based on Berlusconi “People of Freedom” and the center-left Democratic Party, whose representative Enrico Letta is Prime Minister. Berlusconi had previously said that his party would continue to support the government.
    The pressure on the cabinet Letty increase, and some members of the center-left coalition may find it unacceptable to be an ally with the party, whose leader was convicted of a serious crime.
    “The court made a decision, and it must be respected, and do” – said the secretary of the Democratic Party Guillermo Epiphany.

    Leader of the “5 stars” comedian Beppe Grillo did not restrain his joy.
    “Berlusconi has died. Long live Berlusconi! The verdict, he is like the Berlin Wall in 1989, ”
    – Grillo wrote in his blog.
    President Giorgio Napolitano urged the nation to remain calm.
    “The country must find the strength to remain calm and united on the vital issues that divided us for too long and prevented reform,” – said in a statement.
    Ordinary Italians worried about whether Berlusconi refuses finally from active political life. “We wonder whether he will leave the parliament and politics. In 76 years in jail, he still can not sit down “- written by users of the online forums.

  • The arrival of the Pope in Rio was accompanied by riots


    This time the clash in Rio have not been very violent
    Immediately after the meeting the Pope Francis with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in the streets around the palace of the governor of protesters clashes broke out with police. However, the demonstrators were protesting not against the arrival of the Pope.
    Clashes hundreds of protesters and police broke out after the helicopter with Pope Francis took off from the platform at the residence of the Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro.
    As the correspondent of the BBC’s Wyre Davies BBC, clashes were not as violent as the clashes last week during the many thousands of protests against corruption and social policy of the authorities. Arrests and defeated shop windows and cars, according to our correspondent, it was a little bit. The police nevertheless used water cannons, tear gas and batons.
    In the collisions suffered at least one journalist photographer Agence France Presse, 42-year-old Japanese man Yasuosi Ciba got a baton on the head. In the hospital he was three stitches.
    Demonstrators in Rio and this time protesting primarily against the policy of the Brazilian authorities, and not against the Pope’s visit.

    Brave Pope

    Pope Francis did not hide from his Brazilians greeted the armor “Popemobile”
    “Cabral, go away! Dilma, go away!” – Chanted the demonstrators. Sergio Cabral – Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro.
    However, there were among the protesters and disgruntled expenditure for this visit, which amounted to more than U.S. $ 50 million.
    “This is such a security, as it is today, at the usual time, in our daily lives, no one gives. We want to show the Pope, what is the real situation in the country”, – told the Associated Press protestor Adriana Ribeiro.
    Brazilian authorities on a week-long visit of Pope Francis really took a lot to keep it safe. Protect the Pope will be about 30,000 people.
    In this case, the very head of the Roman Catholic Church is clearly excessive precautions do not like. From the airport to the center of Rio Francis Pope brought in a conventional car of family type. The Security Service had pretty try to keep the crowd of thousands, gathered to welcome the pontiff.
    Arriving in the center of Rio de Janeiro, Francis moved to a special “popemobile” with an open top. Brazilian security forces asked the Pope because of ongoing protests in the country to move around in an armored “Popemobile”, but he refused it.

    Youth festival

    Arrival of Pope Francis in Rio de Janeiro welcomed tens of thousands of Brazilians. This is the first foreign trip of the Pope, a native of Argentina, following his election to the Holy See.
    Guanabara Palace, where President Dilma Rousseff met the Pope, defended the powerful police cordons
    At the airport in Rio de Janeiro Francis, who became the first pope from Latin America, met with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. The Pope will hold a week in Brazil. His visit is timed to coincide with the country starting at the International Festival of Catholic youth.
    “I came to meet young people from all over the world who are drawn into the arms of Christ,” – said the pontiff at the Governor’s Palace in Rio.
    Meanwhile, the Brazilian military announced the discovery of an improvised explosive device near the shrine, located between Rio and Sao Paulo, which the pontiff to visit during this visit.
    During his visit to Brazil, the Pope intends to apply to the thousands of young Catholics on the famous Copacabana beach, visit the favelas of Rio and visit patients undergoing treatment for drug addiction.
    It is expected that in Rio for World Youth Day, celebrated as a triumph of the Catholic faith, will gather more than a million people.

  • Sewer burst in Rio de Janeiro, there are victims and destruction

    Breakthrough sewage in an area of ​​Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday called “tsunami” that destroyed several homes, there are victims, reports AFP referring to the city’s emergency services.
    Local television footage shows a wave from a broken pipe in the area of ​​Campo Grande in the west of the metropolis will sweep away everything that was on its way: cars, engineering structures and some buildings. At the site where the raging man-caused “element”, formed a pile of rubble.
    In the area of ​​power failure. Fire Department employees involved in the rescue operation, pick up stranded in the water for the inhabitants of inflatable boats. In place of the disaster sent a large number of ambulances.
    In the residential suburb of Rio de Janeiro because of an accident on the water pipe water fountain is 20 meters high hit the building, destroying homes and sweeping away cars.
    Every minute on the surface were thrown six thousand liters of water.
    The accident killed three year old girl, and 16 others were injured on Tuesday as a result of a water main break in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Campo Grande, Latin American media reported.
    According to civil defense, from spurting out of the ground a powerful jet of water affected more than 10 buildings. Some streets were flooded with water at a level of up to two meters. The height of the jet reaches 20 meters.
    Rescuers had to use boats to evacuate residents, and the supply of water and electricity in Campo Grande has been temporarily suspended.

  • U.S. Embassy will be closed for safety reasons

    This Sunday, the U.S. Embassy and the Consulate will be closed in several countries, mainly in the Middle East for security reasons. This was reported in the U.S. State Department.
    As stated by the representative of the agency, the decision will affect any of the diplomatic mission, usually working on Sundays.
    In Muslim countries, Friday – day. In other parts of the world the U.S. representative is usually closed on Sundays.
    Last year, on September 11 was an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in Libya, killing four U.S. citizens, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.
    U.S. embassies in other countries are often the targets during the mass protests.
    “We have instructed the embassy and the U.S. Consulate that normally would be working on Sundays, suspend work, especially on August 4” – explained the representative of the department Mary Harf.
    “It is possible that the list will be the date when the embassy will be closed”, – reported in the State Department.

    According to the measures taken “out of great caution.”
    Some embassies and consulates in the United States Sunday, August 4, will be closed for security reasons, reports on Thursday, Agence France-Presse, citing a Department of State Mary Harf.
    She did not say in which countries the U.S. will close diplomatic missions, or what they are threatened.
    Next week, the U.S. government will explore the possibility to re-open closed the embassy and consulate.
    “It is possible that they will remain closed for several days,” – warned Harf.

  • Ireland supported the EU-Ukraine Association

    Ireland supported the EU-Ukraine Association
    Ireland supports the conclusion of an association agreement and a free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland Eamon Gilmore during a meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, in Luxembourg, the press service of the Cabinet.

    “Ireland supports the signing of an association agreement at a summit in Vilnius in November and early completion of the procedures in the creation of a free trade area between Ukraine and the EU” – said Gilmore.

    At the meeting, the sides discussed issues of cooperation between Ukraine and the EU and Ukraine – Ireland and agreed to hold the Ukrainian-Irish Business Forum.

    Irish Deputy Prime Minister also thanked Azarov for addressing investors in Ukraine.

    Recall, Poland and Lithuania stated that Ukraine is not ready for association with the EU. According to the Foreign Ministers of the two countries, Kiev has not spent all of the necessary reforms.

  • Despite the resolution G8, U.S. Secretary of State is ready to bomb Syria – Bloomberg

    U.S. Secretary of State
    U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, at a meeting at the White House called for the bombing of the Air Force bases Bashar al-Assad in Syria, which are used for chemical weapons against the rebels.

    This writes to Bloomberg noting that on the same day, June 18, in Northern Ireland, the leaders of the G8 communique signed by Syria, which stated its intention to resolve the conflict through diplomatic channels.

    We note with radical proposal Kerry disagreed chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the armed forces of the United States, Martin Dempsey, who, according to several sources, has warned that military intervention from the outside can have serious negative consequences, and the State Department did not fully aware of the complexity of such an operation.

    According to Dempsey, a U.S. that bombed Syrian positions, they will have to confront Syria’s air defense system, which would require 700 or more sorties. In addition, the captain recalled involuntary deficit reduction Pentagon that military action in Syria would be quite inappropriate.

    As noted by the media with links to official and military sources, Dempsey did not say that to strike at Syria should not, in principle, it is a warning that should “represent the consequences” of such actions.

    We recall a few days ago, President Barack Obama said he does not consider the establishment of an effective no-fly zone over Syria, and he seems to be a dangerous idea of ​​bombing the Syrian territory.

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